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POP & BOTTLE Shop Opening in Shanghai


Yūnex Trading helped Chinese wine trader & importer in Shanghai to include a German VDP® winery from the Saar as a permanent partner in their portfolio.

POP & BOTTLE Shop Opening in Shanghai

The opening event took place on Sunday, September 5th from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and offered VIP customers as well as the general public the opportunity to taste the shop's wines for a day free of charge.

A specially invited sommelier from Shanghai offered his broad knowledge of guiding customers through the world of wines on site. Everything was accompanied by snacks, desserts & fine ham which went beautifully with the opened treasures from the rack.

POP & BOTTLE first store in Shanghai downtown

Strong partnership with a German VDP® winery from the Saar region.

"Schloss Saarstein" and its beautiful noble sweet delights

Together with YŪNEX Trading, POP & BOTTLE has recently been working together on a joint concept to anchor German VDP® wineries in the portfolio.

"We wanted to add a high-quality Germany VDP® winery to our portfolio and Schloss Saarstein seemed to be the perfect choice for us."

The task of YŪNEX was to sound out the market and find a suitable partner who produces wines with a rather small harvest that reflect precision and a certain aesthetic, but at the same time also fits the concept of the importer's brand and produces noble sweet varieties with sophistication.

Brand expansion is already being planned

With couple of thousand active fans on social media channels all over China and five years of experience in online wine trading, it was about time to eventually establish shops across the country that cater to the needs of their customers with high-end products and unmatched in-shop customer service.

In addition to the first store in Shanghai, other locations are already in the making. POP & BOTTLE is currently planning to open up another store in Chengdu, which is mainly known for its spicy cuisine which perfectly matches with "feinherb", Kabinett, and noble-sweet wines.