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High-Carat Gems from Franconia


Exceptional Silvaner, with a lot of drinking flow, incredibly good grape ripeness, yet still reflecting the delicate regional character. One question: Are we in Franconia or in Chablis...?!

Great wines with a distinctive soul.

Classified geographically, Retzstadt belongs to the Franconian wine region. Therefore, the focus of the winery May lies on the Silvaner grape variety, which also takes up the most prominent part in the winery with over 70%—followed by Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and a little bit of Riesling.

Almost all of its locations grow on shell limestone and are barren and stony, resulting in very delicate wines.

Pure Franconian power

His wines have to be "firm", offer plenty of drinking flow", paired with "a lot of maturity and always a little kick".
And under no circumstances should they "fill you up and come across as too bulky" - a balancing act that Rudolf and his cellar master Benedikt (his oldest son) have mastered at a high level.

"We completely dispense with additional yeast, enzymes & fining agents."

Silvaner Himmelspfad - GG (Grand Cru) #1:

The very name resonates with the religious romance of this vineyard. There is something legendary and memorable about it, underlined not least by the marking of the big christ's cross and the vintners' stories who think that good souls will ascend to heaven.
The "Himmelspfad" (English: "Heaven's path"?) is the oldest vineyard of the winery that dates back to 1963. On a steep slope of 70%, tiny & delicate berries with enormous density grow here, which are unusually very old for Silvaner. Note: There are vines here that are up to 45 years old. Wow.

Silvaner Rothlauf - GG (Grand Cru ) #2

The second Grand Cru location (Grosse Lage) is called "Rothlauf". The word "Rothlauf" derives from the word "Rot" (English: Red), which causes red sandstone that comes through here at the foot of the slope. The rest, however, consists of shell limestone as usual.

This location is just as old as the mountain in Retzstadt, but you can still find vines here that are thicker and more powerful. Thus, the underlying root system is correspondingly more voluminous.

"Ms Jancis Robinson was close to tears when she saw our vine sticks. With enthusiasm, of course."

And to top it off, his Silvaner was named the best Silvaner in Germany this year (2021). According to Rudolf May, typical for a modest Franconian, this is thanks to the old vines, the southern exposure, and the simply perfect terroir.