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Your craft meets stainless steel.

Whether you are looking for soft drinks, wine, beer, cider or water: thanks to best quality stainless steel, impeccable product processing and product lifetime of over 10 years, our casks and kegs can virtually be used for any beverage. According to your requirements, we can provide our products in all sizes and forms as well assupply our products assembled with Micro Matic® oder Aobaosi® couplings and fittings.

Stainless Steel portfolio

What we have to offer.

Introducing our precision engineered casks & kegs for your beverages.
All our stainless steel casks & kegs undergo multiple quality assessments and are strictly vetted by our team. Stringent product inspections, European quality standards & a local team of manufacturing specialists guarantee highest quality levels.

Great ale starts with an even greater cask.


Great ale beers require great casks. For this, our casks are the best choice in the standardised industry size of 4.5 & 9 gallons. The Pin & Firkin are high quality AISI 304 stainless steel made, welded with utmost precision & compliant with all European & North American norms & standards.

Your best choice ranging from 20L Slim to 50L.


In addition to our cask selection, we offer you a broad range of DIN, EURO & US keg sizes from Slim to 50L, in botch stackable & not stackable variations. All kegs are made of superior stainless steel & come with a 10-year long manufacturer's warranty ex works.