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Our Mission

We continuously empower all of our global stakeholders with an unparalleled customer service throughout the whole supply chain, superior quality products & inspection with full ethical and legal compliance while preserving craftsmanship and all relevant industry quality standards during the sourcing process.
Because our client’s success is our success and thinking outside the box is our M.O.

Our Core Pillars

Being always true to ourselves and stakeholders, behaving with absolute transparency, honesty & professionalism are the main pillars of our business.
The world is changing faster than ever. That's why we always observe the current and create capabilities, think outside the box and ask us "Why not?!" instead of "Why?".
We always challenge ourselves & our stakeholders to overcome obstacles, encourage to go the extra mile & adapt ones perspective to deliver exceptional results.
Human beings are at the very forefront of our everyday doings to ensure that our ideas, plans & strategies are being 100% consumer oriented.
Creativity is the fuel that helps us to build compelling storytelling & innovative experiences for your project(s) which sets us apart from our competition.
Fully committed to being the best is what we do. This starts from sourcing the highest quality goods to delivering every service with utmost priority and an unparalleled eye for detail.
Founder & CEO

Alexander Pusch

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Founder & COO

Wenting Pei

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